Alan Glover - Steadicam Operator

Alan Glover - Steadicam Operator

A freelance Steadicam operator / owner and lighting cameraman with over 25 years experience of shooting film and TV drama, promos, commercials and live OBs. With bases in Liverpool, Manchester and London, offering production companies an ability to work quickly and efficiently within the demands of tight scheduling without compromising quality.

A member of the Steadicam Operators Association, BECTU and The Guild of Television Cameramen.

Alan's rig will fly all formats; from the heaviest film cameras to the smallest and lightest mini HDV and DSLR models.


  • MK-V Evolution Steadicam rig
  • Walter Klassen rear mount harness
  • MK 3a Front mount harness
  • Preston 3 channel LCS
  • Marell video link
  • Step-on/Step-off Rickshaw
  • Transvideo HD Superbright monitor
  • Sit/kneel-on Rickshaw
  • Archos onboard recorder
  • Low mode kit and weight cage
  • Antler stabilisation system
  • AJA HD Downconverter for RED
  • Walter Klassen vehicle hard mount